We Are Freelancers

KYLE & KATE are a married couple raising four boys in the United States. With a passion for change, they both eagerly pursue knowledge to increase their skill level and broaden their range of expertise. At the heart of their pursuits is a relationship with Jesus, empowering them to honor others through business while providing a healthy home for their family.


Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Kate is passionate about using beautiful design to achieve effective communication. She’s worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations in many different industries as a freelancer and as an employee.

She completed her formal training at Columbia College Chicago, and in her senior year was the Graphic Designer for the winning team of the Red Bull “Get it on Record” contest.

Professionally she gained a lot of industry experience doing design and pre-press work for a custom label printer before taking a position with a large health and fitness equipment company. In those jobs and through freelance work, Kate has done many different projects including: touchscreen user interface, branded print materials, logos, websites, brochures, trade show banners, and product labels.

She left traditional full-time employment in order to focus on caring for her four boys, taking on freelance projects as she was able. Now that her children are a little older, she is back to “full-time” work as a freelance designer.


Business Jockey

Kyle is an intuitive thinker who is drawn to story and technology. As a child, he enjoyed programming simple computer games on his Apple IIe and won awards for student writing competitions. The same innovation and creativity has followed him into his adult career.

Always eager to learn and improve his skills, Kyle has pursued courses in fiction writing, IT, computer programming, marketing and more. His diverse knowledge base allows him to adapt quickly to situations and communicate well between diverse groups of people.

Motivated by optimization and efficiency, Kyle is eager to take action through problem solving and strategic thinking. He is excellent at seeing patterns, trends, and opportunities for growth and change. He also has a natural ability to see a person’s raw talent and strengths, drawing out the best in them for optimum performance and productivity.

He assists Kate in all things marketing and technology related while continuing to pursue his own career in IT.


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